Saturday, December 27, 2008

Best of 2008

This has been an odd year for me in terms of my relationship to music. I still listened as passionately as I have in the past, but circumstances - a new job, new friends, a young son, different interests - created a situation in which I was less driven to discover and keep track of the next big thing and more intent on tracking down older stuff that worked in combination with other things (new and old) in a mix format.
However, I still found plenty to like this year, some of which I have put together in the attached mix. Most of the songs are from albums I would wholeheartedly recommend. "Jai Ho," the song tha leads off the mix, is from the soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaire. I can't recommend the album because I haven't heard it as an album (go see the film though - it's great). Here are a list of the tracks on the mix which comprise my arbitrary Top 20 of 2008.
1. Jai Ho - Slumdog Millionaire - AR Rahman
2. Halfway Home - Dear Science - TV on the Radio
3. In the New Year - You & Me - The Walkmen
4. Kim and Jessie - Saturdays=Youth - M83
5. The Park - Migration - Sambassadeur
6. Community Tour - Car Alarm - The Sea and Cake
7. Innocent Reprise - Collected Works - A Mountain of One
8. Le Long du Large - ST - Coeur de Pirate
9. Things Are Gonna Get Easier - ST EP - Low Motion Disco
10. Light As Daylight - Coastlines - Windsurf
11. White Winter Hymnal - ST - Fleet Foxes
12. After the Fireworks We Walked to the Rope Swing - What a Great Place to Be - Sumner McKane
13. For Emma - For Emma - Bon Iver
14. Cape Canaveral - ST - Conor Oberst
15. Calvary Scars/Aux. Out - Wierd Era Cont. - Deerhunter
16. Gobbledigook - Me› su› í eyrum vi› spilum end - Sigur Ros
17. One Fine Day - Everything That Happens Will Happen Today - Brian Eno/David Byrne
18. Goodbye Lennon - ST - Vanilla Swingers
19. Ana Mir - ST - The Ghost Orchid
20. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa - The Very Best Mixtape - Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit

Best of 2008 - Robin Hall Mix

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