Friday, November 14, 2008

Softcore #7 - Brooklyn Bridge Mix

Yo motherfuckerfucker. Where you been.
Around. Busy. I moved. Got a new job.
Yippee. Thanks for the postcard.

Continuing my fascination with soft rock in all its possible permutations, may I present to you Softcore 7 - The Brooklyn Bridge Mix:
Softcore #7 - The Brooklyn Bridge Mix
Track List:
1. The Boat - Saraswa
Saraswa is an electronic/computer composer I found on MySpace. When I first discovered him he was living in Turkey. He seems to have relocated to Nepal. He has released two very beautiful albums.
2. Sail On - The Commodores
I don't know when this was released. You can hear quotes from "All Night Long" in the fadeout.
3. Standing Right Next to Me - Karla Bonoff
Bonoff was one of Linda Ronstadt's go-to songwriters, so she was definitely part of the LA softcore elite. But what's interesting about this song is how it anticipates the big showy ballads sung by the likes of Celine Deon and written by songwriters like Diane Warren in the mid-90's.
4. Pacific Rhythm - Quiet Village
A post-modern Balearic group, named after an MOR classic by Martin Denny.
5. You're So Beautiful - Danny Kortchmar
Jame Taylor's guitarist-turned heavy duty LA studio musician. Along with Ned Doheny, he he illustrates how influential soul music was to soft rock.
6. Fool (If You Think It's Over) - Chris Rea
A minor hit from 1978 or 79, I sold a lot of this when I worked at Sam Goody's.
7. Late Arrival - Katy Lied
I don't know anything about this band except that they named themselves after a popular Steely Dan song and are very self consciously softcore.
8. The Show - Lenka
Pretty song.
9. Antique Bull - Broken Social Scene
I'm close to overdosing on BSS, but not just yet.
10. Christo Redentor - Harvey Mandel
This is a great guitar instrumental from 1968. You could say Mandel was the poor man's Michael Bloomfield, but it wouldn't do this song justice.
11. Dove - Cymande
This is the mix's centerpiece. I've been carrying it around in my head and headphones for months, waiting for the chance to drop it. Cymande was one of the few post-Santana jazz/soul rock band that could stretch out on a groove and not get too repetitious or boring.
12. Aeroplane - Aeroplane
They are Belg, I mean Flemish. Part of the nu world order that celebrates the beauty of trans Euro indie pop disco.
13. Nesso - Hatchback
Hatchback is half of the great Windsurf (the other half being Sorcerer) These guy have been responsible for more great music in the last two years than all the indie bands in Brooklyn.
14. Looking Down a Hill - Epic45
An instrumental band from England, maybe a variation on Explosions in the Sky
15. The Sunken Queen - Doveman
He's from New York, apparently a very much in demand session player. He came to my attention last summer when he Internet-released a son by song homage to the film Footloose.
16. The Other Side of This Life - Fred Neil
Blues folk as softcore. I first noticed this song when I was having a Jefferson Airplane moment a few months ago.
17. I'll Be Long Gone - Boz Scaggs
This is a great song from Scaggs' first solo album, recorded in Muscle Shoals just after he left the Steve Miller Blues Band.
18. I Feel Like Going Home - Yo La Tengo
I don't know anything about this song. My Ipod carried me to it. I must have downloaded it at some point. It's beautiful.

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