Friday, June 20, 2008

1990's Mix #1

Here is my 1990's mix, #1. There was so much music I wanted to include, I split the mix in half. I'll post #2 soon.
I'm not sure how I feel about this mix. None of the music blows me away, but that may be because it's still so recent. The things that stand out at the moment are the Loose Diamonds' version of Joe Simon's, "(You Keep Me) Hangin' On," Simon Bonney's, "Don't Walk Away from Love" and "Beautiful Struggle," by the Austin-based (at the time) band, the Borrowers. "Windfall," by Son Volt, is off their first album, Trace, probably my favorite album of the '90's. Alejandro Escovedo and Richard Buckner were two of the most interesting artists I discovered in that decade. Both continue to be woefully under-appreciated.
I didn't include a lot of stuff which, based on number of plays, would have definitely qualified. (Patty Griffin, Bue Rodeo, Dixie Chicks, Jon Dee Graham, Grant McClellan) But, as in my other by-the-decade mixes, I was more interested in using material that I loved but either hadn't played that much or hadn't played in a long time.
Here is the tracklist:
1. Windfall - Son Volt
2. Let's Talk About Sex - Salt and Peppa
3. California (All the Way) - Luna
4. Bad Reputation - Freedie Johnston
5. Hey Jealousy - Gin Blossoms
6. The Natural Alarm - Tobin Sprout
7. Oppenheimer - Old 97's
8. Beautiful Struggle - The Borrowers
9. Pissed Off at 2:00 AM - Alejandro Escovedo
10. Fuck and Run - Liz Phair
11. Skin and Teeth - Joe Henry
12. Red Vines - Aimee Mann
13. Rainsquall - Richard Buckner
14. Sweet Old World - Lucinda Williams
15. You Keep Me (Hangin' On) - Loose Diamonds
16. Dressed Up Like Nebraska - Josh Rouse
17. The Saturday Option - Lambchop
18. Don't Walk Away from Love - Simon Bonney
19. Your Swaying Arms - Deacon Blue
20. We Walk the Same Line - Everything But the Girl
21. Five Strng Serenade - Mazzy Star
22. Hymns to the Silence - Van Morrison
23. Road to Ensenada - Lyle Lovett

Mix Tape 1990's #1

Note: The picture at the top of this post is of the Continental Club on South Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas. For 9 months in 1996 and 2997, I lived in an apartment complex behind the club, and it was like a home to me. And even though I was only in Austin for nine months, when I look back on the '90's, the city and its music had an incredible inluence on what I listened to, both before and after I actually lived there.

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