Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mister Loveless Update

Every so often I like to check in on my nephew Robby Miller's band, Mister Loveless, and post an update. This time, I asked him to email me his thoughts on the current state of the band and their music. (He wrote this as an EP they had been working on was near completion.):
Dear Uncle Rob,
I feel like this is a strange period of time for the band. We burned
the band down only to rebuild it again within a year. No one has heard
new music from us in two years, with the exception of some demos and
our live shows. We have been eager for people to hear what we've been
working on but simultaneously weary of putting out anything that we
aren't 100% confident in. Now that the EP is within a week of being
complete we are more eager than ever. In fact, we have to resist
temptation to post rough mixes on our website.
It's increasingly hard when you're spending countless hours with
three people in the same room trying to create something great only to
hear "what's going on with the band?" or "what happened to you guys?"
from people you run into on the street. We may not put a record out
every six months but we are secretly prolific. We've written tons of
songs in the last year but we spend lots of time with them before we
record them, or record them several times. I think this makes
promoting ourselves difficult but is ultimately better for our music.
We have had nothing to sell or even give away that is remotely
representative of the way the band sounds now.
I feel as though Two Words, our new EP, is a milestone for the band. We have yet to record anything representative of the band live, till now. Moreover, nothing has been released from us since we added Sean Gaffney on guitar and Rachael Travers on drums. We are essentially a completely different band with the same name.
Here is "Just Thoughts" the third track of the EP. I am extremely excited about this track. I believe people will be shocked to hear it.
Take Care,

Just Thoughts - Mister Loveless

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Anonymous said...

hey, really liked this post! mister loveless is aaammmazing!

Susan said...

Mister Loveless is a great band full of great people.