Tuesday, March 18, 2008

1970's Mix

This is a mix of songs from the '70's. There are several artists I've talked about before - the Beckies, Andy Pratt, Dennis Linde and Philip Rambow, as well as some well-known artists like J Geils, Lou Reed and the MC5. But I'm pretty sure that, with a few exceptions, most of the material is relatively unfamiliar.
The mix opens with "Postcard from Waterloo," by Tom Verlaine, from his first solo allbum (which actually came out in 1981). This song has rattled around in my brain since I first heard it alomost 30 years ago. A couple of other highlights: "Lean On Your Mind," by the Contenders a late '70's Nashville band led by the late Walter Hyatt, a singer and songwriter who has become a legend in Austin. Also, "Spanish Stroll, " by Mink Deville, one of the most underrated of the CBGB bands. (The first time I went to CBGB's, the bill was Mink Deville and the Ramones.) Another highlight: "Sister Anne," by the MC5, from their 1971 album, High Time. "Sister Anne" is one of the most energetic songs I have ever heard, and it holds up remarkably well.
Here is the complete playlist:
1. "Postcard from Waterloo" - Tom Verlaine (1981)
2. "Fool's Gold" - Graham Parker (1976)
3. "Spanish Stroll" - Mink Deville 1977
4. "Love Makes You Feel" - Lou Reed (1971)
5. "Fallen" - Philip Rambow (1978)
6. "Lean on Your Mind" - The Contenders (1979)
7. "Hello, I Am Your Heart" - Dennis Linde (1973)
8. "O Lucky Man" - Alan Price (1973)
9. "If You Could See Yourself Through My Eyes" - Andy Pratt (1976)
10. "So You Win Again" - Hot Chocolate (1979)
11. "The River Song" - The Beckies (1976)
12. "Homework" - J Geils Band (1970)
13. "Where Were You?" - Mekons (1978)
14. "See My Baby Jive" - Roy Wood (1974)15. "Sister Anne" - MC5 (1971)
16. "Cherchez La Femme/Se Si Bon" - Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band (1976)
17. "On Some Faraway Beach" - Eno (1975)
18. "Hallelujah Europa" - Jona Lewie (1977)
19. "Memory Motel" - Rolling Stones (1976)
20 "Ticket to Ride" - Carpenters (1973)
21. "Borderline" - Ry Cooder (1980)

1970's Mix

This mix is dedicated to my old musical comrade-in-arms, Chris Gray, who introduced me to Roy Wood and never stopped singing his praises, even when I told him I thought he sucked.

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andy pratt said...

Hey Robin

Usually when someone puts a song of mine on something is Avenging Annie. You obviously know more about my work than most people.
If anyone is interested almost my entire catalogue, including a brand new cd called Masters of War, is available at www.itsaboutmusic.com
Thank you very much
bless you
Andy Pratt

Pete said...

I wish you were my husband and would make a soundtrack for my life.

Anonymous said...

Great set! I haven't heard Mink Deville in 25 years....

Just to set the record straight, "Postcard from Waterloo" is from Tom Verlaine's third solo album, entitled "Words from the Front" and it came out in 1982. His first solo album was the eponymous "Tom Verlaine" (1979), the second was "Dreamtime" (1981). All of them are terrific.

Robin said...

Dear Anonymous
Thanks for the compliment, and thanks for mentioning Verlaine's earlier solo albums. In the back of my head I knew he had released at least one previous album. I was being terribly lazy in not checking it out.
now I have to go back and listen to the earlier solo albums.