Saturday, February 09, 2008

Soft Rock Mix

I apologise for the scarcity of posts recently. A combination of a heavy workload, a lack of much to post about and an intense education in new technolgy has prevented me from posting as regularly as I would like to.
However my explorations in new (for me) technology has resulted in my obtaining the knowledge to create mixes with crossfades, and I am posting one here. It's soft rock, a term that meant something horrid 25 or 30 years ago and still has some ugly connotations. However, in my opinion, there is a bunch of music from that period that was unfairly dismissed by being classified as such. I have provided a couple of example in this mix, as well as some current music that very proudly calls itself soft rock.
Soft Rock Mix
1. Quicksilver Girl - Steve Miller Band
2. The Sun in California - The Autumn Defense
3. Gauzy Dress in the Sun - Richard Buckner
4. Joe Purdy - Can't Get It Right Today
5. Windsurf - Windsurf
6. Any Major Dude - Steely Dan
7. Popsicle Orange - The Sorcerer
8. Starsong...What Became of Us - Sylvie Lewis
9. Dancing in the Moonlight - King Harvest
10. Begin Again - California Snow Story
11. It' s a Beautiful Day Today - Moby Grape
Notice I don't attempt to define soft rock. You'll know it when you hear it.

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Jeff said...

Love the mix! Just curious, what are you using to create mixes with crossfades like this?