Tuesday, May 08, 2007

(I Am) Superman

The other day, my wife, Sara, and I were discussing REM, and she mentioned how much she loved the song "I Am Superman." I was happy to be able to point out to her that REM's version was in fact a cover of the original, which was the b-side of the only hit by a '60's pop/bubblegum LA group called The Clique, whose hit, "Sugar On Sunday," was written and originally recorded by the greatest of the pop/bubblegum LA groups, Tommy James and the Shondells. Oh, what a wonderfully tangled web we weave.

The Clique - (I Am) Superman
REM - (I Am) Superman

The Clique - Sugar On Sunday
Tommy James and the Shondells - Sugar On Sunday

Special thanks to my son Walker for finding the Clique cd in our apartment when I was convinced I had put it in storage.


Taranis said...

How can R.E.M. get away with saying "All Songs: Berry Buck Mills Stipe" on the Life's Rich Pageant album?

Robin said...

Good question. I'm not that familiar with R.E.M.'s work, but maybe the song wasn't originally on the album and they added it afyer it became a hit but never changed the writing credit. (On All Music Guide, the song's writers are credited correctly.)

Taranis said...

Could be there is one of those "except (I Am) Superman" addendums somewhere on the packaging that I am not seeing.

I do know that it was on the album originally.

RBW said...

Hi everyone -

I came across your great blog while I was searching for info on who penned The Clique's "Superman" or "(I Am) Superman." I am covering it on a CD I'm putting out in the fall.

According to ASCAP, the writers are listed as Brandon Chase and Mitchell Bottler, who, one hopes, made some mortgage payments from Lifes Rich Pageant.

rock on

aka Uncle Rock

hunter said...

The Clique are from Texas- my friend's dad is in the band, and they are playing this Saturday! (19th of Jan, 2008) My very good friend's father is the bass player, Bruce Tinch.

They are getting together for the 21st Annual Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame Show, in Beaumont, TX. They are also getting inducted.