Thursday, April 12, 2007

Twilight Sad

I meant to post about Twilight Sad a month or so ago, and actually thought I had, but when I went to look at what I'd written, I found I'd written nothing.
Twilight Sad is from Glasgow (where else?). They write and perform muscular, bottom-heavy pop songs that belong to the Jesus and Mary Chain/Stone Roses/Teenage Fanclub family tree. They manage to maintain the sense they are talking about personal hurts, fears and anxieties - and small victories - while still sounding like they are standing on the edge of a mountain at midnight, raging at the universe. Play this loud.
Twilight Sad - That Summer at Home, I Had Become the Invisible Boy

Learn more about Twilight Sad on their Myspace page.
Purchase their new album, Fourteen Autumn & Fifteen Winters at Amazon and Emusic.

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