Monday, February 05, 2007

Hot Air Balloonists

I came across this band on MySpace months ago, listened to their posted songs, loved them. Also loved their name and their logo (pictured). Periodically, I've tried to find out more about the band, via Google and Hype Machine. No luck. And very few clues on the MySpace site. No band members listed. No other website listed. Once in a while they would post an announcement of a concert. I emailed them via their MySpace email address and asked for more info. No response.The best I could do was listen their songs (and only on their MySpace site, since there is no cd and no other place to find the songs.) Finally, they made "Cosmos" available for download. I love this song. I listen to it a couple of times a day, and still haven't gotten sick of it. It is great dream pop, with a perfect melody and an arrangement that make you feel like you are indeed floating over a small mountain range in Europe in a hot air balloon as the sun comes up.
Hot Air Balloonists - Cosmos
Visit the Hot Air Balloonists MySpace site.


Rach said...

So, after some careful detective work, (I just messaged the Hot Air Balloonists on myspace) I have discovered that the Hot Air Balloonists we know on myspace are just a cover for their real band named The Heart Strings. They have a myspace as well and an official web site that is under construction ( They are currently recording an album right now. Max, the drummer, told me The Hot Air Balloonists was a cover band they used to try new things in secret and he also said a new version of Cosmos is almost finished. So, there you go. :)

Robin said...

You must give good email Rach. I had emailed them to find out more about them, and they never responded. Thanks for the update.