Friday, January 05, 2007

Kuryakin - Quiet pop

Kuryakin is A.G.F.S.P.B. (another great fucking Swedish pop band.) They are: Petter Gjöres (vocals, guitar, computers) and Johan Norberg (guitar, computers), with additional vocals and synthesizers by Kristina Dahlman
They play brilliant quiet pop: lush waves of strings and background vocals, quirky synth samples, a steady restrained drum beat and whispery vocals. Perfect music if you live in New York City or have a child (or both).
Kuryakin - Take a Stand
More downloads at their website


Ismael said...

kuryakin is none of the best bands i've ever heard even they don't believe it i'm form southamerica very probably their first and only southamerican fan, i'd like to contact them (i made it once they sent me an email)i'd like more songs and lyrics i've been showing their music to my friends and they say you play very well

pablo said...

he is not the only southamerican fan of kuryakin, i've heard kuryakin 2 years, my friends listened kuryakin and they really liked it. the only problem is that the lyrics are not on internet, at least on the webs where i've tried to search.


excuse me for my english xD